Characteristics of True Love and Hypocritical Love


In order to meet a true lover who can truly love you, you must first understand what true love is. Knowing the difference between true and false love will help you and your partner to have a lasting relationship and avoid those who always want you to break your love. Such knowledge will distinguish between true and false love, which will protect you from the vain effects of loving a bad person. In addition, it will save you from hurting others and feeling guilty about not loving them well. You will always be in love and know that you are loved too.
So, without delaying, here are differences between True Love and Hypocritical Love.

1. True love sacrifices, while Hypocritical love is selfish

Selfless love is real love. It does not mean that the lover should forget himself, but that he should give his best to please his lover. On the other hand, a hypocritical lover, who loves himself very much and cares for himself, ignores his lover.

2. True love delights in living a sincere life, while Hypocritical love hides in the darkness of lies.

True love enjoys living in integrity. It does not lie. It relieves fear and anxiety, and always shows honesty. Hypocritical love, on the other hand, delights in fabricating lies. It is frightened by the approach of light. It lives in the dark.

3. True love is merciful, while hypocritical love is cruel:

True love is characterized by a wide heart. it is insightful and forgiving. On the other hand, in the love of hypocrisy, when you make a mistake your lover attempts to leave you. Hypocritical love doesn’t understand  your explanation. Hypocritical love perpetuates eternal punishment.

4. True love endures, while hypocritical love does not:

True love can endure and forgive your mistakes. It gives you a lot of opportunities and expects you to make a difference. False love is quick to anger. It does not dry up your information, it immediately condemns you and hastens to punish you.

5. True love is humble, while sincere love boasts:

True love is humble in its actions. False love, on the other hand, is characterized by pride and arrogance.

6. True love is characterized by trust while false love is characterized by excessive doubt:

True love trusts your abilities, choices and actions. It supports you. False love, on the other hand, does not trust you. The mind and the heart are full of negative thoughts about you.

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