English Vocabulary Test Paper 1 With Answers


1. ________ you hurry up, you’ll miss the bus.
A) Because    B) If      C) Also     D) Except     E) Unless
2. The man jumped out of the window and committed ________.
A) murder       B) death      C) sin     D) suicide    E) homicide
3. I was walking along the street when I accidentally _______ my friend.
A) bumped into  B) moved into   C) came into  D) fell into   E) saw into
4. The doctor took his temperature and felt his ________.
A) vein   B) nerve     C) blood      D) pulse     E) muscle

5. It’s my ________ that it’s going to rain.
A) option   B) opinion   C) intention   D) decision   E) thought
6. This book is too ________, I don’t understand it.
A) secret   B) opaque   C) dark   D) obscure   E) blank
7. She was very inquisitive and she didn’t ____to hide her curiosity.
A) effect   B) affect   C) attempt   D) discover   E) find
8. She wanted to buy a modern dress, she didn’t want an old-________ one.
A) styled   B) formed   C) looked   D) fashioned   E) shaped

9. What ________ is your car?
A) manufacture   B) construction   C) make   D) mark   E) assembly
10. He was a very ________ driver and had a lot of accidents.
A) careful   B) careless   C) correct   D) cautious   E) conscientious
11. The ________ gave the new film a very good review.
A) Critics   B) reporters   C) announcers    D) interviewers   E) translators
12. Grandmother lets the children do anything they like, so they are completely ________.
A) Spoilt   B) damaged   C) hurt   D) injured   E) destroyed

13. The Manager asked me to ________the contract for my new job.
A) write   B) describe   C) sign   D) disagree   E) design
14. ___for the post of Senior Clerk must be received by March 10th.
A) Proposals   B) Descriptions  C) Possibilities   D) Applications   E) Offerings
15. Mr. Hobson has had to ________ his job because of ill-health.
A) give in   B) give up   C) give away   D) give out   E) give over
16. My English teacher ________ me to try for a place at University.
A) insisted   B) persisted   C) proposed   D) convinced   E) encouraged

17. I ________ you £5 that Peter will win the race on Saturday.
A) gamble   B) bet   C) offer   D) give   E) risk
18. Mary had to be taken to hospital after her ________.
A) dilemma   B) distraction   C) happening   D) accident   E) occurrence
19. I shall never ________ the time when I was lost in London without any money.
A) remember   B) recall   C) forget   D) recollect   E) imagine
20. Mary is almost well again now, but she still looks rather ______.

A) faded   B) light   C) poor   D) transparent   E) pale

21. I feel so sleepy, I can hardly ________ my eyes open.
A) make   B) keep   C) pull   D) take   E) bring
22. After walking four miles in the pouring rain, the children were ________.
A) moist   B) damp   C) drowned   D) humid   E) drenched
23. The Grand Hotel ______five pounds for a single room with bath.

A) pays   B) prices   C) charges   D) expends   E) spends
24. The thief ________ my handbag and ran off down the street.
A) caught   B) snatched   C) picked   D) disconnected   E) detached

25. I thought the problem of pollution would ________ at the meeting but no one mentioned it.
A) come in   B) come over   C) come to   D) come up   E) come round
26. Jane’s new blue dress ________ her coat perfectly.
A) likes   B) matches   C) colors   D) resembles   E) fits
27. When I came in, John and Mary ________ about the best way to learn English.
A) were saying   B) were teaching   C) were speaking   D) were telling   E) were talking
28. Let’s go into the garden and _some roses to take to your mother.
A) dig   B) pick   C) pull   D) break   E) detach

29. Would you go upstairs and ________ my handbag, please.
A) take   B) bring   C) carry   D) fetch   E) obtain
30. The houses with even numbers are on the left side of the street and those with ________ numbers are on the right.
A) odd   B) unequal   C) irregular   D) level   E) divided
31. Every morning I do the crossword ________ in the newspaper.
A) problem   B) puzzle   C) question   D) test   E) theme
32. There is an index ________ of this book.
A) in the end   B) on the end  C) from the end   D) at the end   E) with the end

33. It was so cold that the water in the lake ________.
A) chilled   B) iced   C) froze   D) hardened   E) boiled
34. John ________ his examination but his brother failed.
A) succeeded   B) made   C) resulted   D) passed   E) qualified
35. The Government will have ______ this proposal very carefully.
A) to go for   B) to go after   C) to go into   D) to go round   E) to go under
36. The Post Office is only a few yards ________.
A) in the road   B) on the road   C) above the road  D) under the road   E) up the road

37. Will you help me ________ this parcel, please?
A) tie up   B) lie down   C) tie in   D) tie for   E) tie with
38. If you didn’t keep scratching that spot on your face, it would soon ________.
A) remedy   B) cure   C) restore   D) heal   E) mend
39. Mary has given me a ________ for chocolate cake.
A) prescription   B) description   C) diet   D) list   E) recipe
40. Mrs. Simpson ________ £1000 to the Dogs’ Home when she died.

A) remained   B) left   C) presented   D) offered   E) permitted


1-E   2-D   3-A   4-D   5-B   6-D   7-C   8-D   9-C   10-B   11-A
12-A   13-C   14-D   15-B   16-E   17-B   18-D   19-C   20-E   21-B   22-E
23-C   24-B   25-D   26-B   27-E   28-B   29-D   30-A   31-B   32-D   33-C
34-D   35-C   36-E   37-A   38-D   39-E   40-B

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