Here are 12 things that damage love slowly by slowly.


A person’s behavior in love is what gives it lasting or breaking down. When you need to stay with your boyfriend, there are ways to behave everyday.

If you have one of these behaviors, know that you have an enemy who is against love and will slowly by slowly destroy you until it ends and you lose a lover whom you had dedicated your life.

1. Not to be jealous of your lover

In love you have to behave as if you have great wealth and you want to stay with it so you go through it and envy your lover but not too much. It makes your partner feel that he or she is important to you because being jealous of him or her shows that you need him or her. Just remember that jealousy is more than just a reason to destroy love.

2. Refusal to exchange time

Being in love with someone does not always mean staying together. It is important that everyone has time to be alone. Take time to breathe and think about it at least once in a while. Avoid feeling that if he asks you to let him go alone he will not feel for you, but let him go free. Being in a relationship destroys love in secret because little by little you walk away and find it strange to find him/ her in it.

3. Showing that you  want something through anger

Some dating couples make the mistake when  looking for something from someone. They are used to get angry instead of asking for it. Do you think it would take a lot of effort to find out what you wanted to say? The solution is to deliver your message in a conversational manner instead of being silent to put it in two different ways to find out why you are silent. This is especially true when you have a problem and choose to be angry for a while and yet not solve the problem. The one who does it gets to the point where he gets bored.

4. Avoid serious conversations

Sometimes you need to discuss some difficult issues and one of you always postpone them because they are annoying. When you continue to deny her/ his time, she/he wonders that your love is beginning to go bad.

5. Always see things wrong

There are people who don’t like someone who always sees that everything is over. Don’t always see things in a negative side. No one likes this behavior, no one wants to be around someone who has no words to make him or her courageous. If you behave like this, know that an enemy of love will destroy it slowly by slowly in secret.

6. Put out a basket in which you store the wrongs

In love you have to keep the secret of what you are going through no matter what. Constantly discussing your partner’s mistakes with outsiders is a big mistake. When he hears it, he sees an incompetent, thoughtless person on the outside. So no one wants to date a person who can’t control his or her mouth.

7. Deprivation of self-care

As long as you are in love you have to put in the effort to take care of yourself. If someone loves you and you look good, you are clean, you are well dressed, you have to keep going instead of giving up. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Otherwise, he will take a few steps away.

8. Having simple distractions

If every time you are together you busy, make sure no one else can be happy of that. Give her or him time and value, put down the phone, get rid of the hunger you are eating in your mouth and everything else that will distract you. Keep your eyes peeled for love and talk to each other.

9. Not listening to each other

Communication is so important to each other that if you are together you need to prove your presence. Don’t give up the conversation to him/her, remembering that to be able to deliver a message depends on being able to listen.

10. Giving childish thoughts

If you are talking, stop misleading the subject. Whenever you say something that shows you are older, talk about it as you have ideas. This is possible when you want to get along without hurting or hurting each other. No one wants to talk to a 30-year-old who gives the same opinion as a 12-year-old.

11. Lack of appreciation

It is good that your love is meant to be strong and lasting. Do your best to find a way to thank your lover, how to be present is important to you. If you’re ungrateful and don’t want to stay, give her a reason to be there for you.

12. Expect the impossible

In your love you set yourself clear goals. Failure to do so because of ambiguity can lead to frustration and failure. no one wishes to always promise the impossible.

If you are in love know that some of its enemies are not in the crowd but in you. Do your best about what we’ve told you and  go far with the aim of  building your love.

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