I beds , girls and women like most this position


While some families around the world are increasingly divorced due to the dissatisfaction of the couple during sexual intercourse often due to lack of knowledge, this is the only position that will keep your lover always near you. She will never cheat you if you use this position.

Lying on back

This is a method used when a woman feels the urge to have sex and ready for it where she is lying on her back and separating her legs so that the man enters her legs, only it is better for the woman to use a pillow and place it under the hips and the work goes smoothly.

the benefits of having sex in your daily life, we look at it together the consequences would be if you did not give birth to a baby while you were used to it .

Sex is important for the couple, which is done for the purpose of reproduction and physical enjoyment and to increase the relationship and love between them. It is important to have sex for both men and women.

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After a long period of sexual intercourse a person gets to the point where he or she knows how to behave and when to take a nap while he / she is in the process of having an abortion but then when he / she has not had an abortion for a few days his / her abortion skills and the completion of his / her time is so smooth that when he / she meets again ‘control issue.

Risk of prostate cancer. These days cancer has become more common and caused by many things but if a person has not had an abortion for days it can lead to prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is bad news for men because it can even lead to them not having sex again.

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