Kiswahili: Greetings: Salamu. Learn All possible Ways Of Greeting A Person In English And Kiswahili


Greetings: Salamu

Hujambo ? Are you well? How do you do? Are you better?

Sijambo. I am well [thank you]. I am better.

Uhali gani? Are you feeling well?

Nihali njema. I am quite well.

Yuhali gani? How is he? he quite well?

Yuhali njema. He is quite well.

Hajambo? Is he (or she) well or better? How is he?

Ha jambo. He (or she) is well or better.

Good morning! Sabalkheri !

Good evening! Msaalkheri !

Good-bye! Kwa heri! Kwa herini (plur.).

Asante! Thank you!

Ndugu: brother, sister.

Bwana: sir,gentleman, master, lord.

Bibi: madam, lady,mistress,

Mimi: I,me.

Wewe: you.

Yeye: he, him, she, her.

Na: and, with,

Gani? which?

Nami: and I, with me.

Nawe: and thou, with thee.

Nae: and he (or she), with him (or her).

Naam: yes (classical).

Ndiyo: yes (general).

La: no (classical),

Siyo: no (general),

Sana: very, quite, indeed, a great deal, too much.

Mwana: child, son, daughter,

Mwanayo: your child.

Marahaba ! Thank you, it is well,

-ema: good.

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