NESA Job Examination Past papers


Practice makes perfect. Never Lose This Chance. We give you whatever is useful for you. We’ll never let you walk alone.

Q1 ……. me if I’ve told you this before.

(a) Stopping       (b) Stopped        (c) Stops              (d) Stop

Q2. All I can say at the moment is: Long ……. the company!

(a) live                  (b) lives                (c) lived                (d) living

Q3. Sometimes I wish I ……. what the future holds.

(a) know              (b) known           (c) knew              (d) knows

Q4. Let’s ……. there tomorrow if it’s fine.

(a) going              (b) gone               (c) go                     (d) goes

Q5. I’ll finish now and I look forward to ……. you again soon.

(a) seeing            (b) see                  (c) seen                (d) having see

Q6. Please come back soon and ……. the work you started two weeks ago.

(a) finished         (b) finishing        (c) finish               (d) finishes

Q7. Many people ……. tried but no-one has succeeded so far.

(a) did                   (b) have been   (c) were               (d) have

Q8. By the end of this year I realize I ……. writing tests for three years now.

(a) shall be          (b) shall have been         (c) will be             (d) shall have

Q9. Do you mind ……. the door as I find it very hot in here?

(a) to open         (b) opened         (c) opens             (d) opening

Q10 ……. ever heard of this writer before?

(a) Did you          (b) Have you      (c) Do you           (d) Will you

Q11. They were eating dinner when the lights ……. out.

(a) go                    (b) are going      (c) went               (d) goes

Q12. Many people want to ……. from their native countries to other nations. However, nowadays, it’s much more difficult than it was in the past.

(a) immigrate     (b) eminent        (c) emigrate       (d) imminent

Q13. The ……. saga lasted three hours. A lot of people in the theater enjoyed the film but most agreed that it was too long.

(a) epoch             (b) except           (c) epic                                 (d) excerpt

Q14. Every time we came up with a new proposal, he would throw cold water on it — means: ……..

(a) discourage it                (b) dispute it      (c) destroy it                      (d) dislike it

Q15. Don’t worry about her, she always gives herself airs and graces — means: ……..

(a) She always walks like that                                     (c) She always thinks she’s very important

(b) She always moves around like a cloud             (d) She always gives herself plenty of time

Q16. You needn’t worry about that regulation as it has nothing to do with you and doesn’t ……. to your situation.

(a) adhere           (b) apply              (c) attract            (d) attach

Q17. With a view to providing a better environment for their children the couple decided to move ……. from the city to the countryside.

(a) along              (b) afar                                 (c) near                (d) away

Q18. The boss wants you to explain why there is a discrepancy in the figures and ……. for the sudden drop in profits.

(a) talk                  (b) speak             (c) account          (d) decide

Q19. The ……. over the rights and wrongs of this issue has been a never- ending discussion inside parliament.

(a) chatter           (b) debate          (c) gossip             (d) rumour

Q20. The local residents in this seaside village are very worried about the constant erosion of the cliff face, which is in ……. of falling into the sea.

(a) risk                  (b) chance           (c) danger           (d) likelihood

Q21. I think you have been overcharged for that work because it’s more ……. twice what I had to pay.

(a) as                     (b) at                    (c) like                   (d) than

Q22. I asked you to bring back a different one but you’ve brought a similar one back that’s exactly the ……. as the first one.

(a) equivalent    (b) apparent      (c) same               (d) identical

Q23. The main quality that is required of someone holding that kind of job is to have the ……. to get on with people.

(a) task                 (b) ability            (c) requirement                (d) need

Q24. They couldn’t hold their meeting in the open air ……. of the heavy rain.

(a) because        (b) but                  (c) since               (d) for

Q25. What is the superlative form of the adjective likely?

  1. likelier b) likeliest                           c) more/less likely
  2. d)most/least likely e) A&C                                  f) B&D

Q26. Which sentence has a different meaning from the other    three?

  1. John is taller than Tom. b) Tom is shorter than John.
  2. c) Tom isn’t as tall as John

Q27. Which of the following adverbs of time can be used to complete    the following sentence?

“They _______ plan to drive to Mexico.”

  1. No longer b) any more       c) any longer                      d) no more

Q28. Which of the following prepositions can      be used to form a prepositional phrase of purpose?

  1. unto b) into                   c) onto                  d) owing to

Q29. Complete the following sentence with the correct focusing adverb:

“This party is ________               for students. I’m sorry, but nobody else               can come.”

  1. even b) mostly             c) especially                        d) exclusively

Q30. Which of the following sentences is incorrect?

  1. a) “I had no sooner finished cooking when                they came in.”
  2. b) “I had barely finished cooking when they came in.”
  3. c) “I had scarcely finished cooking when they came in.”
  4. d) “I had hardly finished cooking when they came in.”

Q31. Which of the following sentences uses inversion    correctly?

  1. a) “Rarely have we tasted such delicious food.”
  2. b) “Rarely have we tasted such delicious food.”
  3. c) “We have tasted such delicious food rarely.”
  4. d) “Have we tasted rarely such delicious food.”

Q32. Which of the following sentences is incorrect?

  1. a) “Under no circumstances can you go out on Saturday.”
  2. b) “Never have I been so upset.”
  3. c) “Scarcely has he not seen her in the last few years.”
  4. d) “He’s working                ”

Q33. Which of the            following sentences is written incorrectly?

  1. a) “I wish you were here, grandma.”
  2. b) “I wish my grandma was here.”
  3. c) “I wish you were here, Grandma.”
  4. d) “Grandma, I wish you were here.”

Q34. Which of the following sentences is written incorrectly?

  1. a) “Please help us, Doctor Green.”
  2. b) “Doctor Green please help us.”
  3. c) “Please, Doctor Green, help us.”
  4. d) “Doctor Green, please help us.”

Q35. Which of the following sentences is correct?

  1. a) “We are waiting for a news.”
  2. b) “You can never have too many love.”
  3. c) “These homeworks are                very hard.”
  4. d) “Could I have less water, please?”

Q36. Which word is the collective noun in the following sentence?

“The herd moved north over the mountains.”

  1. moved b) north               c) herd                  d) mountains

Q37. Which of the following is not a collective noun?

  1. ships b) group               c) committee                     d) government

Q38. There are late risers and early risers, those who need a lot of sleep and those who need only a …….,

(a) less                  (b) nothing         (c) few                  (d) little

Q39. I can see you’re angry and want to do the same to them but remember that two wrongs don’t make a ……..

(a) right                (b) rite                  (c) correction                     (d) point

Q40. She likes to take the opposite point of view and play the devil’s ……..

(a) lawyer            (b) advocate      (c) support                          (d) attitude

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