School Head teacher interview Primary Latest NESA Questions. Paper one


School Head teacher  Latest NESA interview Questions.

  1. Briefly tell us about yourself?
  2. Tell us about your educational Background?
  3. What will your Educational background and experiences help you in fulfilling Deputy Headteacher in Charge of Studies duties?
  4. As Headteacher of the school , How  promote how will you promote the culture of learning in your school?
  • I will promote and maintain an environment with high expectations where all students can learn successfully.
  • I will ensure that the staff of the school demonstrate an understanding of the importance of positive and caring relationships to successful learning, and work to build mutually respectful relationships across the school community.
  • I will involve Parents, members of the school community and partners in students’ learning.
  • I will place a high priority on student and staff well-being and provide both academic and non-academic support to address individual needs.
  • I will ensure that staff creates a stimulating physical environment that supports and encourages learning.
  1. What do you think, are the Key Characteristics of School Leader?
  • A school leader must have the ability to influence others. The ability to motivate, stimulate and inspire others to achieve teaching and learning outcomes
  • A school Leader has to base their actions on clear personal and professional values. School leaders´ values are key components for successful leadership
  • “outstanding leaders have a vision of their schools – a mental picture of a preferred future – which is shared with all in the school community”
  1. As future Head teacher of the school, how will you improve the instructional language (English) in your school?
  1. Listen carefully the following 2 case studies and answer questions related to it.

Case Study 1 School ‘B’ is led by Mr John. He called all teachers into a meeting and informed them about the Competence Based Curriculum. He told them that “This curriculum is a national policy and you must implement it as it is. Guidelines are clear”. One teacher raised her hand and asked “Excuse me Sir, I think we need time to understand it and trainings on how to use it’. The head teacher promptly replied “Madam, it is not negotiable, instructions are clear and after all you are qualified teachers”. The meeting was ended and the teachers left.

Case Study 2 In School A, staff members already held key roles in teaching, learning, discipline and attendance. The head teacher asked the deputy head teacher to provide a clear link between the role of the school management team and the staff so that the school work is discussed weekly as strategic meetings. During these meetings, team members brought individual cases to discuss with colleagues and their shared thinking informed the next step for the week ahead. Every member was very happy that his/her views were considered. Each team member has developed skills so that the good functioning of the team is now independent of the team leader.


  1. What is the difference between these two school leaders (School A Vs School


  1. How would you call the leadership model that each school leader applies?
  2. Do you have any question to ask?                                                                                                       
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