Some of the words girls hate to hear when they are told them by their girlfriends

A young guy is leaning in to kiss a girl be she is frowning and making a hand gesture to stop him. They are wearing casual clothes.

Just as a person has something he likes to do, to ear or  something else. he also loves the words he hears in his ears especially the word a person is told by his lover who always wishes it would be better to build him up instead of destroying him. For girls in general, there are words he likes and some are not happy  when they are told by their loved ones that can turn their love back.

Some words guys should be careful about when they tell their girlfriends because it can ruin their relationship.

  1. These clothes are not suitable for you

This is a word you can say to your girlfriend or your wife and hurt her. It would be nice if you could tell him that you don’t like the clothes he is wearing and give him an explanation but when you tell him that the clothes he is wearing are not suitable for him he feels that you are criticizing his style.

  1. My first boyfriend was doing this for me

When you need your new spouse or boyfriend to do what your different spouse did to you, it’s bad to tell him or her, but the cure is that you teach him or her and tell him or her that you love him or her, and then he or she does the same for you, but when you tell your ex-boyfriend he or she feels remorseful for your divorce. so much so that he thinks he is helpless

  1. How many men have you dated?

This is not a question for a girl or a woman, because there is no set number of men or women to date, so maybe you should ask her to find out if she has reached that number. This issue is still being debated by women and has not been resolved in the past.

  1. I don’t like your friends

Instead of telling your spouse or girlfriend that he or she has a bad friend, you can help him or her find and choose the best friend and let go of old friends.

  1. You are fat

If you are obese and you know it, there is no need to remind him, but you can help him exercise and eat well.

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