Talking about Likes And Talking about Dislikes


Talking about Likes

There are different ways to say you like or enjoy something in English.

I like…

I enjoy…

My favorite _________ is…

If you really like something and want to emphasize how much you like it, you could use one of the phrases below.

I love…

I really like/love…

I adore…

Example Sentences

– I like pizza.

– I like to read books by Dr. Seuss.

– Peter enjoys running in the snow.

– I enjoy this peace and quiet.

– I love eating sushi. It is so delicious.

– I love learning new things.

– Bob really loves the new morning program on NBC.

– I really like taking long walks in on the beach.

– I adore Maria. She is such a nice girl.

– My favorite movie is Top Gun. It is full of action.

Talking about Dislikes

There are many ways to talk about things you don’t likes. Below you will find some sentence starters and example sentences.

I don’t like…

I don’t enjoy…

I dislike…*

I hate…

My least favorite ________ is…

Example Sentences

I don’t like fish.

I don’t like to pick up after my kids.

I don’t enjoy eating spicy food.

I don’t enjoy talking to my boss.

I dislike this song.*

I hate bugs.

I hate crying babies. They give me a headache.

My least favorite food is spinach.

My least favorite season is winter.

* Dislike is not very commonly used in American English. You can use it and it is correct but not used as often as ‘don’t like’ or ‘hate’.

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