Ten Interview Questions for Both Deputy Headteacher in Charge of Studies and Headteacher of a school

  1. What are the challenges and opportunities do you think you can face within this position?
  2. Convince me that you have sufficient experience for this position.
  3. Describe the key skills and attributes that you believe you can bring to this role.
  4. What is your understanding of “a learning community” and how would you contribute to and sustain such a feature?
  5. How much influence should local community representatives have in the strategic direction of a school?
  6. Describe your understanding of coaching and how you will use it effectively to develop colleagues?
  7. Describe a time when you have been so motivated to achieve a goal that it will help inspire those around you.
  8. How would you define the term “resilience”? Describe a time when you have demonstrated resilience in your career?
  9. Tell me how you will introduce change in your school without upsetting the staff
  10. Do you have any question from us?
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