Top 7 things a girl or a woman cares about when you want her to be your lover.


When a guy approaches seemingly, he wants to fall in love with her, there are things the girl or the woman immediately cares about to see if you have.

This analysis is quick to work out in a few minutes with many girls and women.

It doesn’t take long for her to learn about you. It takes as little time as possible.

Here are things that girls and women care about when you meet them and they realize that you want love from them.

  1. The structure of your body

Your body shape means a lot to a girl or a woman. Many girls and women love a guy who is physically fit.

So when you meet them take care of looking at your weight and size.

  1. Your face

This is the part that girls and women tend to take care of.

When she finds that you have an attractive face she starts feeling you even if you may be still young.

When she finds that your face looks bad, feeling you comes from far.

Among things she cares include facial features, beard, eyes, hair, mouth, …

  1. How you look

This includes how you behave, how you do your hair, your overall appearance.

Here, too, she cares a lot the costume(wearing style)

  1. Confidence

Saying the first word is enough to prove confidence in you.

Every girl or woman is attracted by the confidence she has found in you.

  1. Conversations

When you don’t have enjoyable conversations it is far for a girl or a woman to feel you even if she might have been satisfied with some of the above.

No girl or woman wants something that bothers her.

  1. Humor

Girls and women love a person who talks to them and they have fun. When you have a conversation that can make fun of them, it’s easy to steal their hearts.

7.laughter / smile

The way you laugh makes him sure if you are faithful or hypocritical.

When he sees that you can be trusted, it is easier for her to get you.

You used to think that a girl or a woman would spend a lot of time learning about you and it was not like that. She starts from the first time she meets you.

So these will help you once you looks for a right lover.

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